Real Name

Lou Reed

Paul Revere

Keith Richard

Marvin Rainwater

Johnny Rivers

Marty Robbins

Smokey Robinson

Julie Rogers

Roy Rogers

Diana Ross

Barry Ryan

Marion Ryan

Paul Ryan

Bobby Rydell

Louis Firbank

Paul Revere Dick

Keith Richards

Marvin Percy

John Ramistella

Martin D Robinson

William Robinson Jnr

Julie Rolls

Leonard Slye

Diane Ross

Barry Sapherson

Marion Sapherson

Paul Sapherson

Robert Lewis Ridarelli


The Sounds Of The Sixties

Real Names


Real Name


Real Name

Buffy Sainte Marie

Johnny Sandon (The Remo Four)

Mike Sarne

Robin Sarstedt

Peggy Seeger

Del Shannon

Sandie Shaw

Tony Sheridan

Nina Simone

Whistling Jack Smith

Hank Snow

Bob B Soxx

Skip Spence (Moby Grape)

Dusty Springfield

Tom Springfield

Edwin Starr

Freddie Starr

Kay Starr

Ringo Starr

John Stokes (The Bachelors)

Rory Storm

Paul Stookey

Crispian St Peters

Screaming Lord Sutch

Sam The Sham

Singing Nun

Beverley Sainte Marie

William Beck

Michael Scheur

Clive Sarstedt

Margaret Seeger

Charles Weedon Westover

Sandra Ann Goodrich

Anthony Esmond Sheridan McGinnity

Eunice Kathleen Waymon

Billy Moeller

Clarence Eugene Snow

Robert Sheen

Alexander Spencer

Mary Isobel Catherine O'Brien

Thomas O'Brien

Charles Hatcher

Frederick Powell

Katherine LaVerne Starks

Richard Starkey

Sean Stokes

Alan Caldwell

Noel Paul Stookey

Peter Smith

David Edward Sutch

Domingo Samudio

Sister Luc Gabrielle (Janine Deckers)



Real Name

Gary Taylor (The Herd)

KIngsize Taylor (The Dominoes)

Tammi Terrell

Top Topham

Peter Tork

Doris Troy

Ike Turner

Tina Turner

Conway Twitty

Tiny Tim



Graham Taylor

Edward Taylor

Tammy Mongomery

Anthony Topham

Peter Thorkelson

Doris Payne

Isiah Turner

Annie Mae Turner nee Bullock

Harold Lloyd Jenkins

Herbert Buckingham Khaury

Lesley Hornby

Lynn Ripley



Real Name



Real Name

Ricky Valance

Ritchie Valens

Dickie Valentine

Frankie Valli

Kenny Vance (Jay &The Ameicans)

Frankie Vaughan

Bobby Vee

Gene Vincent

Bobby Vinton

David Spencer

Genaro Louis Vitaliano

Richard Bryce

Frank Castelluccio

Kenny Rosenburg

Frank Abelson

Robert Thomas Velline

Vincent Eugene Craddock

Stanley Robert Vinton



Real Name

Gary Walker (The Walker Brothers)

John Walker (The Walker Brothers)

Scott Walker (The Walker Brothers)

Fats Waller

Clint Warwick (The Moody Blues)

Dionne Warwick

Dinah Washington

Muddy Waters

Roger Waters

Bob Wier (Grateful Dead)

Keith West

Ricky West (the Tremeloes)

Kim Weston

Slim Whitman

Marty Wilde

Muff Winwood (The Spencer Davis Group)

Stevie Wonder

Brenton Wood

Roy Wood

Sheb Wooley

Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine)

Bill Wyman

Tammy Wynette

Mark Wynter

Robert Wachtel

John Maus

Noel Scott Engel

Thomas Wright Waller

Clinton Eccles

Marle Dionne Warwick

Ruth Lee Jones

McKinley Morganfield

George Roger Waters

Robert Hall

Keith Hopkins

Richard Weston

Agatha Natalie Weston

Otis Dewy Whitman Jnr

Reginald Smith

Mervyn Winwood

Steveland Morris/Judkins/Hardaway

Alfred Jesse Smith

Ulysses Adrian Wood

Shelby Wooley

Robert Ellidge

William Perks

Virginai Wynette Pugh

Terry Lewis




Real Name

Timi Yuro

Rosemarie Yuro



Real Name


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