The Sounds Of The Sixties

Real Names


Real Name

Bob Allison (The Allisons)

John Allison (The Allisons)

Louis Armstrong

P P Arnold

Frankie Avalon

Robert Day

John Alford

Daniel Louis Armstrong

Patricia Arnold

Francis Avallone


Artists and musicians love changing their names. Below, you'll find many of the more well known artists listed, along with their real names. Cliff Richard isn't there. He changed his name from Harry Webb officially by deed poll at the beginning of his career, and Cliff Richard is now his real name. We'll add more names as and when we get time.  There are many resources on the internet for finding out the real names of famous people We've only added artists who were mainly associated with the sixties, or who had an active career during the 50's and also the 60's.


Real Name

Butch Baker (The Barron Knights)

Ginger Baker (Cream)

Syd Barrett  (Pink Floyd)

J J Barrie

Tony Bennett

Brook Benton

Chuck Berry

Dave Berry

Acker Bilk

Cilla Black

Gary US Bonds

Pat Boone

David Bowie

Elkie Brooks

Arthur Brown

Jack Bruce

Big Bopper

Leslie Baker

Peter Baker

Roger Keith Barrett

Barry Authors

Anthony Dominick Bendetto

Benjamin Franklin Peay

Charles Edward Anderson Berry

David Berry Grundy

Bernard Bilk

Priscilla Maria Veronica White

Gary Anderson

Charles Eugene Boone

David Robert Jones

Elaine Bookbinder

Arthur Wilton

John Simon Asher Bruce

Jiles Perry Richardson



Real Name

Ray Cane (Honeybus)

Freddie Cannon

Ronnie Carroll

John Carter (The Ivy League)

Johnny Cash

Chas Chandler (The Animals)

Ray Charles

Chubby Checker

Lou Christie

Eric Clapton

Joe Cocker

Nat King Cole

Perry Como

Jess Conrad

Russ Conway

Lyn Cornell

Sam Cooke

Captain Beefheart

Raymont Byant

Frederick Anthony Piceriello

Ronald Cleghorn

John Shakespeare

JR Cash

Bryan James Chandler

Ray Charles Robinson

Ernest Evans

Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco

Eric Clapp

John Robert Cocker

Nathaniel Adams Coles

Pierino Como

Gerald James

Trevor Stanford

Audrey Ann Cornett

Samuel Cook

Don Van Viet



Real Name

Vic Damone

Bobby Darin

Billie Davis

Skeeter Davis

Jimmy Dean

Dave Dee

Desmond Decker

Pete Dello (Honeybus)

Duke D.Mond (Barron Knights)

Terry Dene

Sandy Denny (The Strawbs)

John Denver

Karl Denver

Jackie DeShannon

Bo Diddley

Ernie K Doe

Micky Dolenz (The Monkees)

Fats Domino

Lonnie Donegan

Craig Douglas

Charlie Drake

Simon Dupree

Slim Dusty

Bob Dylan



Vito Farinola

Walden Robert Cassotto

Carol Hedges

Mary Frances Penick

Seth Ward

David Harman

Desmond Dacres

Peter Blumson

Richard Palmer

Terrence Williams

Alexandra Elene Maclaine Denny

John Henry Deutschendorf

Angus McKenzie

Sharon Lee Myers

Otha Ellis Bates/Ellas McDaniel

Ernest Kador Jnr

George Michael Dolenz Jnr

Antoine Domino

Anthony James Donegan

Terence Perkins

Charles Springall

Derek Schulman

David Gordon Kirkpatrick

Robert Allan Zimmerman

Dion Dimucci

Donovan Phillip Leitch



Real Name

Vince Eager

Cass Elliott (The Mamas & The Papas

Roy Taylor

Ellen Naomi Elliot nee Cohen



Real Name

Shelley Fabares

Adam Faith

Georgie Fame

Chris Farlowe

Eddie Fields (Johnny & The Hurricanes)

Gracie Fields

Wayne Fontana

Dean Ford (Marmalade)

Emile Ford

Johnny Fortune

Lance Fortune

Connie Francis

John Fred (& His Playboy Band)

Billy Fury


Michelle Fabares

Terrence Nelhams-Wright

Clive Powell

John Henry Deighton

Edward James Waganfield

Grace Stansfield

Glyn Ellis

William McAleese

Emile Sweetnam

John Sudetta

Colin Jones

Concetta Rosemarie Franconero

John Frederick Gourrier

Ronald Wycherly

Fabiano Forte Bonoparte



Real Name

Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)

Crystal Gayle

Bobbie Gentry

Barry Gibb

Eydie Gorme

Charlie Gracie

Dobie Gray

Buddy Greco

Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)

Johnny Guitar

Jerome John Garcia

Brenda Gail Webb

Roberta Streeter

Barry Compton-Gibb

Edith Gormezano

Charles Graci

Leonard Victor Ainsworth

Armando Greco

Peter Greenbaum

John Byrne



Real Name

Russ Hamilton

Jet Harris

Micki Harris (The Shirelles

Chip Hawkes (The Tremeloes)

Screaming Jay Hawkins

Jimi Hendrix

Michael Holliday

Buddy Holly

Englebert Humperdinck


Ron Hulme

Terrence Hawkins

Adelle harris

Len Hawkes

Jelacy Hawkins

James Marshall Hendrix

Michael Miller/Milne

Charles Hardin Holly

Arnold George Dorsey

Heinz Burt




Real Name

Big Dee Irwin

Defosca Irwin

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