The Sounds Of The Sixties

The 60's  - as anybody over the age of sixty will tell you - was a decade second to none. Countless books have been written about the decade, and it would a Herculean task on a website to do anything other than touch briefly on the music of the 1960's, and the artists who made the music.  Compiling the charts alone took about three months searching through the three main references guides.

Not all the sections are up and running, but we've had lots of emails asking when we're going to get something published on the web.

We've finished The Music Charts pages; these include all the UK top 20 songs listed from 1960 until 1969. There three pages of Real Names of artists, and a complete list of Number One Hits. We've now also got a page containing scans of the all the sheet music I've kept from the sixties era; I've scanned in only the picture on the title page. If anybody wants a scan of individual sheet music scores, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Eventually we're hoping to link the sheet music page with a lyric/TAB and chords page.

We are building up a database of Lyrics and TABs/Chords for 60's music. There are several really good sites already for this (Chordie is the best)  but not all sites have all music.  We've added a Chords & Lyrics page which has a selection of chords from each year in the sixties.  Not everything's there, of course - but we've managed a few from each year, and we'll add more as we can.  



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1st October 2017